In 1977, Detroit dominated the league with a league best record of 42-14, two games ahead of the Kentucky Bourbons 40-16 mark. Detroit and Kentucky received first-round playoff byes and the Caesars beat the Cleveland Jaybirds 2-1 to advance to the first professional softball World Series against the Baltimore Monuments. The Caesars would dominate the series and win 4-0 with Mike Nye taking the MVP trophy having batted 12-20 with 2 home-runs.

Six Caesars made the all-league team (Mike Gouin, Ron Ford, Mike Nye, Bert Smith, Tony Mazza, and Doug Gerdes) and only a triple-crown performance by league MVP Chicago Storm catcher Benny Holt could overshadow the individual performances by various Caesars.  Mike Nye finished second in the batting race and Ron Ford and Doug Gerdes finished in the top 10.  Ford was second in home-runs to Holt with Al Gibson, Bert Smith and Gerdes of the Caesars all in the top-10.  RBIs were similar with Ford finishing second in the league and Gerdes, Smith and Gibson in the top-10. 
1977 Detroit Caesars
1977 APSPL

Regular Season Final Standings

Eastern Division
Baltimore Monuments 33-20 .623
New York Clippers 20-36 .357 14.5
Pittsburgh Hardhats 17-37 .315 16.5
New Jersey Statesmen 16-38 .296 17.5

Central Division

Kentucky Bourbons 40-16 .714
Cleveland Jaybirds 32-24 .571 8.0
Cincinnati Suds 30-25 .545 9.5
Columbus All-Americans 16-40 .286 24.0

Mid Western Division

Detroit Caesars 42-14 .750
Milwaukee Copper Hearth 39-17 .696 3.0
Minnesota Goofys 24-30 .445 17.0
Chicago Storm 22-34 .393 20.0

1st Round
Baltimore beat New York 15-14, 10-9; (2-0)
Cleveland beat Milwaukee 11-10, 5-9, 14-7; (2-1)
Detroit and Kentucky (both received a 1st Round Bye)


Baltimore beat Kentucky 6-17, 10-4, 15-10; (2-1)
Detroit beat Cleveland 4-7, 22-5, 8-6; (2-1)
Playoff MVP - Johnny Dollar, Baltimore (.750)

World Series

Detroit beat Baltimore 18-16, 13-8, 25-16, 28-11; (4-0)
World Series MVP - Mike Nye, Detroit (12-20, 2 HRs)

1977 APSPL League Leaders

         Batting                                         Home Runs                                            RBIs

Benny Holt, Chicago .690                     Benny Holt, Chicago 89                          Benny Holt, Chicago 187
Mike Nye, Detroit .659                         Ronnie Ford, Detroit 85                          Ronnie Ford, Detroit 184
Gene Parrish, Minnesota .622              Al Gibson, Detroit 61                              Phil Higgins, Milwaukee 131
Phil Higgins, Milwaukee .611               Doug Gerdes, Detroit 60                         Larry Hutcherson, Balt. 129
Ronnie Ford, Detroit .607                    Ron Olesiak, Chicago 55                         Tom Spahn, Chicago 129
Buddy Haines, Chicago .605                Bert Smith, Detroit 53                             Bill Gatti, Kentucky 127
Doug Czaplewski, Milw. .603              Tom Miller, Pittsburgh 52                        Doug Gerdes, Detroit 124
Tom Pappas, Columbus .602              Tom Spahn, Chicago 49                           Tom Miller, Pittsburgh 124
John Copenhaver, Balt. .599                Bill Gatti, Kentucky 48                             Bert Smith, Detroit 122
Doug Gerdes, Detroit .599                  Larry Hutcherson, Balt. 45                       Al Gibson, Detroit 119

1977 APSPL All Pro Team
P- Phil Schroer, Kentucky, Tom Gorski, Milwaukee, Tony Mazza, Detroit
C- Benny Holt, Chicago (MVP), Mike Applin, Cincinnati, Bill Gatti, Kentucky
1B- Doug Gerdes, Detroit, Joe Russell, Minnesota, Tom Miller, Pittsburgh
2B- Buddy Haines, Chicago, Doug Czaplewski, Milwaukee, Don Rardin, Kentucky
SS- Ronnie Ford, Detroit, Tom Pappas, Columbus, Ricky Linz, Cincinnati
3B- John Copenhaver, Baltimore, Jim Dillard, Milwaukee, Bill Speaks, Columbus
OF- Mike Nye, Detroit, John Spadaccino, New Jersey, Bert Smith, Detroit, John Dollar, Baltimore, Gene Parrish, Minnesota,
       Ken Parker, Milwaukee, Mike Gouin, Detroit, Fred Cammailere, New York, Phil Higgins, Milwaukee, Rick Petrunyak, Cleveland,
       Jay Smith, Baltimore, Bobby Reid, Cleveland, Lawrence Hutcherson, Baltimore